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Need Food For A Meeting?

At All Occasions we strive to be a 'green' caterer. Our Resolution for 2009 was to become even more 'green'. In the past we have used china whenever possible but this can be an expensive and sometimes difficult task. After February 13 we are happy to start integrating into our system environmentally friendly disposable products. Coatings found on most cups are made from petroleum-based products, which don't breakdown and contain toxic chemicals. Without a coating paper cups become soft and unusable after 20 minutes. We will now supply an 8 ounce biodegradable cup with a certified vegetable based biodegradable coating. It contains no fossil fuels and is composed of 100% renewable resource. There is no risk of chemical leaching into food during use. Our new disposable plates and bowls are made of 100% sugarcane, a renewable resource. They are 100% biodegradable and 100% free of petroleum and chlorine. Even the portion cups for our salad dressing and fruit cups are 100% biodegradable and compostable.We also make every effort to minimize the amount of disposable trays used, preferring to return and pick up trays rather than have clients throw them out. Soup is delivered in crocks rather than individual styrofoam bowls. We will still provide real cutlery and utensils. If our clients still wish to receive china with their orders we are happy to do so but are now charging a handling fee of $1 per piece.

Ordering Policies
All our food is prepared to order, therefore cancellations are only accepted if made by 4 pm the day before a scheduled weekday delivery and 24 hours in advance for weekend orders. Changes or cancellations must be confirmed by an All Occasions staff member. All catering orders subject to HST and delivery fee. Some minimum orders now in effect, orders under $100 may be subject to increased delivery cost. We will make every attempt to accomodate last minute orders, if possible.

Bowls, plates, napkins, cutlery, etc are supplied based on the amount of food ordered. Extras will be supplied at a nominal charge.

Clients are responsible for all dishes, serving utensils, etc that are delivered with meals. Failure to return may result in additional service charges levied to the client.

Corporate events : we accept Visa, MasterCard and corporate cheques. We request an advance deposit for large events. Accounts paid by credit card 5 or more days after billing date will be charged a 3% billing surcharge.
Private events : payment is expected at or before time of delivery with cash, cheque or credit card. Large orders require a deposit.

Delivery Fee (within Halifax Proper) - Penninsula Halifax, Bedford, Dartmouth
Corporate weekday delivery $20.00 (may vary depending on volume of orders and location)
Other areas / early morning / weeknight / weekend delivery fee varies with location.
Our policy is to pick up our dishes next day. However, if we are required to go back same day to pick up there may be an additional early pick up fee. Cost to be determined by location, time of day, etc.

The Bakery
...great for those early and mid-morning meetings !!

Sweets tray - a selection of homemade squares and cookies (2 pieces per person) ...$2.95/person

Sliced fruit and a cookie per ...$5.25/person

The Baker's Basket - you will love our muffins, cinnamon buns and apple cinnamon buns ...$2.95/person

On the lighter side - sliced fruit and yogurt ...$5.25/person

Sliced fruit, yogurt and a baked item ...$5.95/person

Whole fruit and baked item ...$5.25/person

Hot Breakfast
3 slices bacon, 2 sausage, scrambled eggs, homefries and toast ...$11.95 per person
We can customize a hot breakfast - how about hotcakes and sausage.

Wrap Trays

Our trays feature assorted fillings - Deli turkey, Black Forest ham, chicken breast, chicken salad and egg salad
1 sandwich per person ...$6.95

Customized Box Lunches Available


Our soups are healthy and fresh. Favorites include hearty beef barley, chicken noodle, curried vegetable, minestrone, tomato basil and chicken with rice ...$4.95/person

Wait til you try Chef Pats' Corn Chowder / Clam Chowder ! ....$5.95/person

In a seafood mood? Try our Nova Scotia Seafood chowder! ...$9.95/person


On the lighter side, choose your favorite salad!

As an Individual Meal

Mixed garden salad...$4.95/person
with grilled chicken ...$8.95/person

Hail Caesar...$4.95/person

Greek Salad...$6.95/person

Spinach Salad...$6.95/person

By The Bowl

Garden and Caesar

Small (serves 5 people) ...$20.00

Medium (serves 10 people) ...$40.00

Large (serves 15 people) ...$48.00

Spinach and Greek

Small (serves 5 people)...$30.00

Medium (serves 10 people)...$60.00

Large (serves 15 people)...$90.00

Fruit Salad

Individual Portions ...$3.95

Small (serves 5 people)...$18.00

Medium (serves 10 people) ...$36.00

Large (serves 15 people) ...$53.00

Quiche Of The Day
As Quiche is served and sold in groups of 4 there is a minimum of 4 people required. It is served with a salad. Choose from ham/green pepper/cheddar, spinach/mushroom/onion/swiss, broccoli/cheddar, or red pepper/parmesan ...$11.95/person

Hot Entrées
(Minimum 15)

3 cheese meat lasagna ...
Layered noodles, meat sauce and cheese. Served with garlic bread...$12.95/person

Pasta Alfredo...
Sauteed onions and garlic with wedges of black forest ham served in a creamy parmesan sauce with choice of penne, fusilli or rotini pasta... $12.95/person

Pasta Primavera...
A blend of stir fried veggies smothered with spicy tomato sauce layered on pasta noodles ...$10.95/person

Chicken Primavera...
A grilled chicken breast accompanied by veggies in a tomato sauce sitting on a bed of rice pilaf. ...$13.95/person

Chicken Parmesan...
A grilled chicked breast under a blanket of homemade tomato basil sauce and parmesan cheese. One of our most popular dishes ...$13.95

Homestyle Chili...
A spicy favorite served with cheddar cheese and tortilla chips ...$9.95/person

Chicken Alfredo...
Sauteed onions,mushrooms and garlic with wedges of chicken served in a creamy parmesan sauce with a choice of penne, fusili or rotini pasta...$13.95/person

Shephards Pie ...
Ground beef and onions in rich gravy with corn, covered with mashed potatoes...$12.95/person

Chicken Monteray...
Grilled chicken breast smothered in sauteed onions with black forest ham and swiss cheese served with rice pilaf ...$13.95/person

Chicken Souvlaki...
A pair of marinated chicken skewers served with rice pilaf...$13.95/person

Chicken Stir Fry...(subject to availability and chef's discretion)
Chicken with a medley of seasonal vegetables stir fried and served with rice...$13.95/person

Chicken Stew...
Chunks of chicken, potatoes, turnip, carrots and whatever else Pat can find to throw in!...$8.95/person

Veggie Lasagna...
Layered noodles, primavera sauce and cheese. Served with garlic bread...$10.95/person

Fried Chicken ...
2 pcs of Grammas' oven baked chicken. Served with salad... $11.95/person

1/4 Chicken Dinner ...
Served with potato wedges and choice of coleslaw or salad ... $13.95/person

1/2 Chicken Dinner ...
Served with potato wedges and choice of coleslaw or salad ...$16.95/person

Butter Chicken...
Chunks of chicken, onion and peppers in an East Indian inspired Butter Sauce. Served the traditional way with Basmati rice and Naan Bread ... $12.95/person

Pulled Pork Sandwich ...(due to size of pork shoulder groups of 10 only)
Slow simmered pork shoulder in our homemade BBQ sauce. Served with either wedges and coleslaw or a garden salad ...$11.95/person

Samosa and Salad ...
A hardy, large samosa made with a tasty blend of Mediterranean flavors. Available in chicken or vegetable. Served with salad ...$13.95/person

Party Trays

Veggie Trays
Small (10-15 people)...$40.00
Large (20-25 people)...$60.00

Fruit Trays
Small (10-15 people)...$50.00
Large (20-25 people)...$90.00

Cold Cut Trays
Small (10-15 people)...$65.00
Large (20-25 people)...$100.00

Cheese & Pepperoni
Small (10-15 people)...$65.00
Large (20-25 people)...$100.00

Cheese Tray - Domestic
(selection includes mozzarella, cheddar, marble, swiss)
Small (10-15 people)...$65.00
Large (20-25 people)...$100.00

Cheese Tray- Imported
(selection includes applewood cheddar, mango ginger stilton, horseradish cheddar, mexicana)
Small (10-15 people) ... $90.00
Large (20-25 people) ... $125.00

Sweets tray
a selection of homemade squares and cookies (2 pieces per person) ...$2.95/person

Sliced fruit and cookie ...$5.25/person

Apple Pie
(minimum 6 people) ...$3.95 per slice

medium (15 people) ...$75.00
large (30 people) ...$150.00

Apple Crisp
medium (12 people) ...$50.00
large (20 people) ...$80.00

Carrot Cake
individual pieces ... $2.95 per

Strawberry or Mixed berry Shortcake
Fresh berries soaked in Grand Marnier and served with a homemade biscuit and fresh whipped cream ...$5.95 / person

Raspberry Crumble Cake - Served with Raspberry Grand Marnier Sauce ...$5.95 / person

Blueberry Crumble Cake - Served with Wild Blueberry Sauce ...$5.95 / person

Warm Gingerbread Cake - Served with Rum Raisin Sauce ...$5.95 / person

Gourmet Coffee

Large urn (serves 10 x 12 oz cups) ...$19.00
Extra Large urn (serves up to 100) ...$150.00


Large urn (serves 10 x 12 oz cups) ...$19.00
Extra Large urn (serves up to 100) ...$150.00

Bottled Water / Juice / Pop ...$1.95 each

***all above prices are current however All Occasions reserves the right to change pricing without prior notification***